We are scam free verified

Sadly, there are many scammers online trying to make a quick dollar. We are proud to be certified as a scam-fee breeder by Tell Tail so you can have peace of mind.

Puppies go home with health insurance

All of our puppies will go home with free health insurance for 30 days.

Our parent dogs are health tested through Embark

It is so important to make sure that our parent dogs are health tested before making any breeding decisions. We proudly test with embark for over 200 genetic conditions.

Advanced Service dog curriculum

The Badass Breeder Advanced Service Dog Curriculum is a revolutionary approach to raising puppies with the aim of empowering them to be their best selves. It encompasses a series of intentional and purposeful steps that guide emotional responses, meet innate needs, build confidence, and align with sensitive developmental benchmarks.

This empowering curriculum involves providing puppies with an environment that fosters their belief in themselves and their abilities. Each puppy’s emotional well-being is nurtured by addressing their needs in a specific order, ensuring they receive the necessary care and attention at the right time.

Furthermore, the curriculum focuses on instilling confidence in puppies through structured training and handling methods. This intentional approach allows them to develop a strong sense of self and navigate the world with assurance.


By choosing a certified GoodDog breeder, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new furry family member comes from a responsible and reputable source. Our certification signifies our dedication to producing healthy, well-adjusted puppies while promoting the overall advancement of responsible breeding practices.


health tested Parent dogs

By conducting genetic testing through Embark, we gain valuable knowledge about our dogs genetic makeup. This allows us to make informed breeding decisions and ensure the healthiest possible puppies. We screen for a variety of genetic diseases and traits, helping us to minimize the risk of inherited disorders in our breeding program


At Harper’s Lagotti, we hold a deep belief that every dog deserves individual attention, unconditional love, and a permanent home. Our Guardian Program allows us to expand our breeding efforts while staying true to our core values of providing the best for our dogs. This program is truly special.

In our breeding program, all our dogs are treated as cherished members of our family, living in our homes or in the homes of dedicated Guardian families, where each dog is given the exclusive care and attention they deserve. When momma dogs come to us, they receive home-raised momma nurturing and pampering, ensuring top-notch care, hygiene, and socialization.

The main goal of our Guardian Program is the well-being of our breeding dogs. By working with Guardian families, we can thoughtfully plan our litters, introduce champion bloodlines, and dedicate extensive time and training to our breeding program, without resorting to large kennels or outdoor runs. This approach aligns with our belief in ethical breeding practices.

Through the Guardian Home program, we are able to maintain an active breeding program without having to raise dogs in kennels. Our breeding dogs have the opportunity to live in permanent, loving homes with families, rather than being rehomed after their breeding days are over.

Guardians who join our program receive what we consider as the ultimate best puppy at minimal cost. We only select the highest quality puppies to continue our bloodline, ensuring they meet rigorous health and quality standards. Being a Guardian allows you to actively contribute to the improvement of our bloodline, which can be both exciting and emotionally fulfilling. We also invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to obtain the best knowledge of whelping and breeding, with specific puppy and momma care for our breed.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian family and participating in our program, please fill out an application on our website or contact us for more information.

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If there are any upcoming litters we will list them here. 

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