our dogs

The care and love we provide to our adult Lagotto are at the core of our philosophy. Our adults live a lifestyle filled with affection, attention, and quality care. They are cherished members of our family, receiving the highest level of love and dedication.

We prioritize their well-being by ensuring they have a comfortable and safe environment to thrive in. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are essential components of their daily routine, allowing them to maintain their physical health and fulfill their natural instincts.

Nutrition is another crucial aspect of their care. We provide a balanced and nutritious diet tailored to meet their specific needs, ensuring they remain in optimal health and maintain their shiny coats and overall vitality.

Beyond their physical well-being, we understand the importance of emotional and social fulfillment for our adult Lagotto. They receive ample socialization with humans and other animals, fostering their social skills and creating well-rounded individuals.

Our adults also enjoy regular veterinary check-ups and receive necessary vaccinations and preventive care to keep them healthy and protected.

Ultimately, our Lagotto adults are cherished family members who receive abundant love, care, and attention. They are our companions, and we are committed to providing them with a fulfilling and joyful lifestyle, ensuring their happiness and well-being are always our top priority.


Harper, our dam, is a gentle and tender-hearted Lagotto. She has a playful side and absolutely adores playing Frisbee, showcasing her athleticism and agility. Alongside her love for Frisbee, Harper has a special fondness for children, always displaying her nurturing and patient nature. She enjoys cuddling with her family and cherishes each stuffed toy she receives.



Louie, our stud, is an adventurous soul who loves exploring the the world around him. He finds joy in digging, sniffing new scents, and running freely in open spaces. Louie’s friendly disposition extends to everyone he meets, as he welcomes them with open paws and a wagging tail. His sociable nature makes him an instant hit with both humans and fellow canines.



Luna, our rare sable with the longest, curliest eyelashes. Born in Austria from a lineage of champion Lagotto dogs, she comes from a prestigious background.  She is a teddy bear in full life.  She loves to cuddle, please and is so ever playful.  We are confident that she will bring exceptional qualities to our breeding program and carry on the legacy of her champion ancestors.  We hope to have a litter with her in the spring/summer of 2025.



Our newest addition, Juliet.  Born in Hungary from a lineage of champion Lagotto dogs.  Her parents carry titles from Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Serbia.  They are from some of the best kennels in Europe.  We are so excited to have her join our family.



Brunello lives in a guardian family with his brother Biscotti.  He is the biggest love bug.


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